Bike tours are cycling trips with the intent of adventure, pleasure, and freedom rather than exercising, commuting, or sporting. Tours of this nature can last for days, months, or years depending on the arrangement. These tours can be planned by single individuals, club, and businesses on holiday or can be used to raise funds for charitable ventures.

The earliest origin of these tours can be traced to the 19th century, as described by Historian James McGurn. He illustrated how hobby-horse riders in London placed bets that they can outrun stagecoaches. During the contest, a four-horse coach was beaten by a hobby-horse expert into Brighton by half an hour. Another scenario was in 1869 when Charles Spencer, Rowley Turner, and John Mayall all rode for about 15 hours (53 miles) from London (Trafalgar Square) to Brighton.


Best Bike Tour Tracks

Westburn Reserve

The Westburn Reserve is a beautiful bike tour track designed for kids and younger riders because of its friendly features. The trails are spacious and fully equipped with street signs, pedestrian walks, and intersections, making it a perfect tourist spot for the younger ones.

Bottle Lake Forest

Due to its rugged nature, it is regarded as the most challenging bike tour track in Christchurch. With about 2471 acre (1000 hectares) spanning over the pine forest, the Bottle Lake Forest boasts of two famous trails – ‘The 10 kilometres ride to Spencer Park and the 7km family route.

North Hagley Park

If you love natural and smooth bike rides, then the North Hagley Park is your best bet. With a track distance of 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometres), the whole trail is utterly flat For best cycling experience, ensure to start from the car park at Armagh Street and ride through to a path linking to the Avon River; passing by the Christchurch Museum and the Little Hagley Park.

Castle Rock

One of the most appropriately marked cycle trails in Christchurch and it’s easily accessible through Mr. Pleasant Road. The tour usually begins at 1.5 kilometres from the top of the Castle Rock Reserve down to the Bridle Path car park. 

Types of Bike Tours

  • Lightweight Touring

    Also known as credit card touring, the rider takes along a lot of cash with few pieces of equipment. He/she often makes use of hotels and youth hostels for overnight accommodation and buys food in restaurants and cafes.

  • Ultralight Touring

    In this type of tour, the rider is self-sustainable but reduces cost and have fewer trills, unlike the lightweight rider.

  • Fully Loaded Touring

    Riders bring along everything they need for the tour including cooking equipment, camping tent and food.

  • Expedition Touring

    This tour type involves extensive travels across remote areas and developing nations. The rider loads the bike with sufficient supplies such as camping equipment, food, tools, spares, which makes the rider self-sufficient.

  • Bikepacking/Mixed Terrain Cycle Touring

    Riders prefer to ride on terrains, surfaces, and topography that are rough in this type of tour. They usually enjoy the freedom of travel and expertise over diverse surfaces.

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